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Automatisk påfyllingsmaskin for bremsolje

Automatic Brake Oil Filling Machine & Oil Filling Line


This series of automatic brake oil filling machine is widely used in filling a variety of oils and viscous liquids, such as peanut oil, blend oil, rapeseed oil and other edible oil filling.

tekniske parametere

Filling speed: 500-1000 (barrels / hour)

Filling accuracy: within 0.3% FS

Strømforsyning: 220 / 380V

Principle and Features

A, the automatic brake oil filling machine is automatic quantitative liquid filling machine, suitable for filling all kinds of oils, such as lubricating oil, edible oil filling

B, the automatic brake oil filling machine is equipped with touch-screen, 4 meters Frequency belt, auto-sensing-based sealer, vacuum anti-drip device

C, the automatic brake oil filling machine has a beautiful shape, a high filling precision, convenient adjustment and easy to operate etc.

D. man-machine interface, directly set the filling volume;

E. PLC program control, inverter adjust the speed ,filling in line;

F. high-precision positive displacement flowmeters, quantitative accurate and reliable;

G mechanical seals plus vacuum suck back mack a double anti-drip;

H. quiklly at first and slow down after ,the double-flow speed make more accuracy effect.

Product line include:main filing engine+4 m chain plate conveyor(stainless steek) + automatic induction sealer

Detailed introduction

1. Using fixed sprue parameter to control the filling time realizing the filling of the different measurements.

2. May determine the filling-head number per the user’s production demand.6-head, 8-head and 10-head or more can be chosen, It suits for the filling of all kinds of bottle (including irregular bottle) ranging from 25 to 1000 ml.

3. Using the world advanced gas filling valve, ensure the filling process non-drop and non-drool.

4. The precision time of the pneumatic valve filling may set to 0.01 second, can make the measurement precision control within ±1%, to decrease unnecessary material loss and enhance the economic efficiency.

5. having counting program of bottle-feeding, no bottle or lack of bottle, no filling,ensuring the accurate measurement.

6. high-quality stainless steel frames, easy operating, easy maintaining, little noise, long service life element.

7. During filling, no any leakage. all the components will get in touch with the filling material are made of SUS316L or SUS304.

8. Suitable for filling liquid without viscous,such as white spirit, soy sauce, vinegar, seasoning, syrup, mineral water, edible liquid as well as chemical liquid.

9. Each filling-heads measurement may be individually adjusted to realize the same filling measurement

Rask informasjon

Type: Filling Machine, Automatic Oil Filling Machine
Tilstand: Ny
Application: Chemical, Commodity, Food, Machinery & Hardware, Medical
Packaging Type:Barrel, Bottles
Packaging Material: Wood, wooden case
Automatisk karakter: Automatisk
Drevet Type: Mekanisk
Spenning: 220V / 380V
Effekt: 2,2KW
Opprinnelsessted: Shanghai, Kina (fastlandet)
Merkenavn: NPACK
Dimension(L*W*H): 1400*700*1750mm
Weight: 200Kg
Certification: ISO&CE
Service som tilbys etter salg: Ingeniører tilgjengelig for serviceutstyr i utlandet
Product Name: Automatic Brake Oil Filling Machine/Bottle Filling Machine
Materiale: rustfritt stål
Usage: Inner
Warranty:One Year Guarantee
Bottle type: no limited
Function: Filling
Filling Heads: eight hours
Filling range: 2-50ml 10-150ml 30-300ml 50-500ml 100-1000ml; 5-5000ml
Life span:more than ten years or even mor