Automatisk roterende flaske væskefyllingsmaskin med avdekking

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Automatisk roterende flaske væskefyllingsmaskin med avdekking

This type of Automatic Rotary Oil Filling And Capping / Packing Machine can be used for fixed amount small package filling,straight line type filling,mechamcal,electric,apparatus control of all sorts of viscous and nonviscous,erosive liquid,such as plant oil chemlcal,liquid,daily chemical industry.It is rather simple and rapid to change items,the design is quite distinct,the property is Very advantageous.

tem name   Fully automatic rotary filling & capping machinery
Suit for   liquid medicine, toner, perm lotion, air freshener, skin care, etc.
  Featur   compact configuration, small area occupied, nice appearance
 Ideal filling    pharmaceutical, pesticide, daily chemical, food or other industries.
 Drien type   mechanical
 Merkenavn  Saidone
 Packaging type  bottles

All the work stations, including filling, capping are equipped around one turnplate, thus both the working space and the operators needed can be greatly reduced. The automatic and uninterrupted producing mode can help to guarantee the production volume you need. We choose good material and parts to assemble our machines. All the parts come in touch with the products are made of food grade stainless steel imported, and all the pneumatic and electrical parts are known brand products from Germany, Japan or Taiwan. It is the innovation design and the good quality parts that ensure these series of machines occupy the leading position absolutely in the domestic market of liquid packaging.

Vår roterende vendeplatefyllings- og -kappemaskin passer spesielt godt for å produsere forskjellige typer produkter i små produksjonsserver.

Rask informasjon

Type: Fyllemaskin, Generelt
Tilstand: Ny
Bruksområde: Kjemisk
Emballasje type: flasker
Packaging Material: Glass, Plastic, Wood, Wooden Box
Automatisk karakter: Halvautomatisk
Drevet Type: Pneumatisk
Spenning: 220V
Effekt: 1,5kw
Opprinnelsessted: Shanghai, Kina (fastlandet)
Merkenavn: NPACK
Dimensjon (L * W * H): 2200X2100X2200MM
Vekt: 2500 kg
Sertifisering: ISO
Service som tilbys etter salg: Ingeniører tilgjengelig for serviceutstyr i utlandet
Kvalitetsstyringssystem: ISO9001: 2008
On-site Management System: 5S
Name: Automatic rotary bottle liquid filling machine with capping
Processing Types: Gas
Materiale: rustfritt stål
Function: Forming
Bruk: Fylling av materiale
Garanti: Ett år